About Winery and Wines

Tizzano Farm consists of 230 hectares, about 35 are planted with vines. The farm is nestled in the Bolognese hills surrounding Casalecchio di Reno. The soil, with its southern exposure, and the dry, sunny and windy weather of the hills create ideal conditions for vine-growing, which has been practised here as far back as 1500.
Within the property, set in the middle of a wide and luxuriant park, is Villa Marescalchi. For centuries, it has been the residence of the noble and renowned Bolognese family. Thanks to the strict relationship the family held with France (Ferdinando Marescalchi was Foreign Minister under Napoleon, who visited Bologna twice), some French grape varieties (Pinot, Cabernet, Sauvignon) were introduced in Tizzano and a number of wine cellars have been set up for wine storage and ageing, over the last century.
Today the family Visconti di Modrone, heirs to the Marescalchi family, manage the wine and agricultural production, combining modern techniques with old traditions.
The careful growing of traditional grape varieties, with the recent introduction of Pignoletto, the respect for the characteristics of the product, the manual grape-picking operations marry with the most advanced techniques for grape processing, resulting in high quality and prestige final products.