About Winery and Wines

The vines at Barton Jones Wines are some of the oldest vines in the Geographe wine region, being planted in 1978.

The maturity of the vines is one aspect which plays an important role in the exceptional fruit quality that underpins the production of premium wines.

The 56 acre property includes plantings of cabernet sauvignon, shiraz, semillon and chenin blanc, all well suited to the region’s climate and the well drained ironstone gravel soils which produce regionally expressive wine styles.

There is a hands-on approach to vineyard management, utilising traditional viticulture practices and minimal intervention. The vineyard is dry grown and has no requirement for irrigation, with all the grapes being handpicked and all the vines pruned by hand in the Winter months.

The aim is to start the wine making process with the best possible quality fruit to make premium wines which reflect the region.