About Winery and Wines

The Dessolis winery is a small artisan company, located in Mamoiada, a small town in the center of Sardinia, its territory is particularly suited to viticulture. Both in the vineyard and in the cellar the work is carried out by the owner with full respect for the territory and the environment, without the use of products. Spontaneous fermentation and no invasive processes in producing the wine, give life to unique products and different from conventional wines.

There are 2 wines produced, a red from Cannonau grapes and a white from Vermentino grapes. Dòvaru is a still red fruit of a 20 year old vineyard that I planted and a 55 year old one that my father planted, spontaneous fermentation for 12 days on the skins and aging for 1 year in large wooden barrels, followed by a few months in steel and then continue in the bottle. Dòvaru Blanc is a still white obtained from Vermentino grapes from 15-year-old vines. Spontaneous fermentation on the skins for 2 days, aging for 3 months in 1300 liter wooden barrels and 3 months in steel.