About Winery and Wines

We are a family in love with his own land, We live with passion our work, keeping “a growing” cultural heritage. This heritage has a huge value and it is told by our wine: the Boca DOC.

The Cantine del Castello was born in the 1963 by dad Ermanno, in Maggiora (near the city of Novara, in Piedmont region, North Italy), maintaining the tradition of his forefathers of making wine but with the innovative idea choosing a wine as the Boca.

With his persistence and passion, Ermanno never followed any market leanings, defending the choice of making the wine that he always loved to do. In this way he has became the living memory of Boca.
When he had his third daughter, my dad was very sad because he thought that without sons the family tradition would end.

The winery is the heart of the castle. Here is produced our wine and here take place all the process that are involved during the creation of our wine until the sale. In its generous spaces, beyond the typical activity of aging and bottling, there are the places for wine tasting and sale. In the show floor, where We alternate different art exhibitions, it is possible to organize vertical wine tasting of Boca DOC since vintage of 1984 . All our wines are purchasable by mail from most of the foreign countries.