About Winery and Wines

It started in 1930s when Giuseppe, named Pin, bought vineyards and farmhouses around Langhe and began delivering his wine in the valleys around Cuneo and in Liguria, using his wagon with horse.
In the 80s his sons Aldo and Gino expanded the company all around the world, selling wines in all the European countries as well as in Japan, Canada, USA, China.
Today Aldo and his family work together with a capable group of people - many of them have worked in Cantine Manfredi since decades -: quality of the wines and passion for this job being the first target to reach.

The Manfredi philosophy is to offer wines that fully reflect the terroir and the grapes they are made from: the right mix between winemaking innovations and tradition is the secret to reach the maximum potential of this land called Langhe and its products.
The production cellar is equipped with all modern supplies for production and monitoring from pressing to bottling: the internal laboratory uses the most vanguard machinery for a steady and precise checking of the products.
In the ageing cellar, red wines rest for some months, surrounded by old tools, pictures and the original wagons that were used in early 1900, all witnesses of the centenary wine tradition of Manfredi winery.