Yucay Garrido

Como todo en Italia es antiguo, huele...

Como todo en Italia es antiguo, huele a moho y humedad,os muebles son de la primera guerra mundial y muy incómodos... Además de estar perdido en el medio del campo, en una zona donde la cobertura del móvil no llega...
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Susanna De Benedetti

Piero ci ha illustrato con perizia e...

Piero ci ha illustrato con perizia e simpatia il suo lavoro. Il suo vino è ottimo
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About Winery and Wines

Located in the heart of the Monferrato wine-growing region, the Cantine Valpane Winery occupies an 18th century estate that has been owned by the Arditi family for nearly 100 years.

Historic cadastal maps and documents in the family archives trace the estate's winemaking tradition back to the last century, when its wines were exported to Belgium and Switzerland and awarded gold medals at the Dijon and Bordeaux fairs in 1898.

Today the estate covers an area of 30 hectares, one third of it taken up by cultivated vineyards.

The vines are trained in the low Guyot method and planted at a density of 4550 vines/hectare. Some were planted in the 1930s and 1960s, others more recently. As the old vines are replaced, the vineyards are being replanted with selected stock of traditional, native varieties.

With the Integrated Protection Program, only a minimum of chemical agents is needed to produce healthy grapes, while respecting the environment. Yields per hectare are kept intentionally low by planned thinning of the vines.