Dustin Strever

Frikkie was a pleasure to meet and...

Frikkie was a pleasure to meet and chat with. Great wines too.
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Mirek Blignaut

Beautiful landscape.

Beautiful landscape.
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Charlton Titus

Has some of the best wines that...

Has some of the best wines that i've ever tasted ,a few wines that i would recomend is the duckitt sauvignon blanc and chardonnay pinot noir ,plus inkspot vin noir and the lynchpin 2010 ,you guy should visit !! , great experience and food was awesome.

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Jamie Smith

Was here for Rocking The Daisies. Rocking...

Was here for Rocking The Daisies.

Rocking the Daisies, quite the experience. Well organised, fantastic location and impressive facilities.

Camping is pleasant, far less dirt and dust than at some festivals. Carpool and you get some better parking, even closer to the entrance.

If you arrive arrive early on and set up with plenty of space, find a way to try and maintain that space, with tents or chairs or equipment somehow, people will come along and try and camp right on top of you, despite there being an absolute abundance of space in other camp areas.

No alcohol is allowed through to the stage areas, and despite the searching of bags to try and stop this, tons of alcohol made it through from the campsites. Also, no glass bottles allowed anywhere, campsite or stages. So do not bother even bringing with. Bring cans or decant stuff from glass bottles in to plastic.

The merchandise store was a complete let down, as basically the first customer on day one, they had no sizes left for the special 10th edition hoody available (except xs and xxl, neither of which I am). Seems like a massive oversight to not bring stock with, did they genuinely expect to not sell any at the festival?

The main stage was excellent, a great mix of some top local and international acts, with lesser known live acts spread throughout the days.

The other stages had plenty going on, I must say, for a festival called rocking the daisies there was a surprising lack of Rock music. Perh
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Jaegar Torrente

Get ready to party your pants off...

Get ready to party your pants off at rocking the dai dizzles ma nizzles... Hahaha
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