Elijah Lebron

Wine was nice, Chocolate and marshmallow slice...

Wine was nice, Chocolate and marshmallow slice is actually Wagon Wheels
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Stephen Nelsen

Awesome cellar door experience, truly professional. A...

Awesome cellar door experience, truly professional. A clean, sunlit venue, wonderful wines, presented by the maker.
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Anita Crabtree

3 of us went for a drive...

3 of us went for a drive in the Hills and saw the sign for morning tea so decided to try it! We loved it, the coffee and home made triple chocolate muffins were delicious. I then decided to do some tasting and bought a few bottles of their very interesting and different offerings. We will definitely be back.
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Tony Russell

Discovered this beaut little spot on Sat...

Discovered this beaut little spot on Sat 12th Oct 2013 whilst having a quiet drive around - the sign for Basket Pressed Cider caught my attention. I thought I'd try some so went in and bought a couple of bottles. Didn't try it at the shop as I was driving but thought it would be good spot for a casual lunch next day. We made it back and had one of their vegetarian pizzas with a glass of cider - I wasn't driving, my partner Pam had her car and her grandson Jayden with us. We sat outside and enjoyed the country air and scenery. I spent some time speaking with the manager ( Iain?) about their wines, tried a few years of the Shiraz and settled on a couple of bottles of the very new but very soft 2011. Also tried the '06 and '05 which were different but equally nice. Will definitely call again Drank one of the ciders last night with some Atlantic salmon (Tassie) and found it not too fizzy, full bodied and very appley, like a very light scrumpy. Very nice.
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About Winery and Wines

The first plantings were undertaken in a small 0.4 hectare vineyard site which now supplies the premium Shiraz “Dons Acre”.

This initial planting was undertaken to test the suitability of the site, and encouraged by the results, 2 years later more land was purchased from the adjacent property and the main “Stags Leap” vineyard was established.

This larger vineyard had 3 hectares planted to Shiraz and 1 hectare planted to Riesling.

Considerable care was taken in laying out the vineyard to take advantage of the afternoon sun, particularly during the slightly cooler ripening period found in late March and early April. The Western aspect of the site has proven to be ideal for producing fruit of the highest standard.

Attention was also paid to the existing native vegetation, with the vineyard being constructed in such a way as to avoid disturbing the existing native habitat.

The huge gum tree right in the middle of the Stag’s Leap Vineyard is an arresting feature and thought to be hundreds of years old.

It features in a lot of our promo pictures and is an idyllic place for a BBQ and a nice Shiraz during Spring.