Kacey Hadick

Really fascinating small scale family owned and...

Really fascinating small scale family owned and operated winery operation. All organic! I was given a tour of the wine making and bottling facilities and was extremely impressed with the quality and history that was explained. Varietals include Grignolino, Monferrato, Barbera, Chardonnay and Spumante. The courtyard is lovely and covered with flowers and the bottling/fermenting/storage activities underground were impressive. Many of the walls are carved from the local calceranite (soft limestone) that is from this region. There is also a bed and breakfast associated that i would love to stay at. The family was so kind on the tour. Call ahead as I'm not sure of their availability for tours but if you are in the area don't miss it.
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Iader Collina

Grande cura nel dettaglio, posto molto carino,...

Grande cura nel dettaglio, posto molto carino, ottime colazioni. accoglienza eccellente, molta simpatia e disponibilità. Abbiamo passato una magnifica settimana, consigliatissimo. Iader e Paola - Bologna
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Lorenzo Gatti

Vini doc e mangiare eccellente

Vini doc e mangiare eccellente
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About Winery and Wines

Our vineyards in the municipality of Cella Monte are carefully cultivated to achieve the grape quality and the vineyard health that only natural methods can guarantee.

Our winery has been growing grapes organically since the year 2000. That means we do not use any chemical or synthetic products to promote vine growth or defend them against parasites.
Our vineyards produces only small quantities of grapes, but, if necessary, we still remove a certain number of grapes before ripening to enhance the quality of the remaining ones.

The vines are trained as espaliers and pruned following the Guyot method (arcadegrape). On each grapevine only one cane is trained each year. This is 6 – 8 nodes long, plus one spur of two nodes for the next year.

Removal of side shoots and the tying of young shoots are done manually, as is the removal of excess or unwanted leaves to improve ripening of the fruit. This means that some leaves around the bunch of grapes are removed, allowing air and light to get through for better condition and colour.

The soil is fertilised with organic substances (stable manure) every second or third year, and if necessary with mineral products taken out of quarries – for example potassium sulphate and magnesium. The space between the rows is grassed and the soil under the rows is worked mechanically.



You will feel the atmosphere of the winery and the countryside taking part in our activities in a welcoming and relaxed accommodation!

As a part of the family, you will take your time to chill in the yard and discover the neighbourhood and the Monferrato area, going out for a walk on foot, by bike or horse riding. And don’t miss the wine cellar tour!

Our accommodation includes two bedrooms with a shared restroom. A special Italian traditional breakfast is the perfect way to start the day!