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Lovells Vineyard is located in the beautiful...

Lovells Vineyard is located in the beautiful village of Welland, near Malvern. They do vineyard tours, teas and wine tastings. You can also buy their wine. They are super-friendly and organise events as well.

I have bought in the past their sparkling rose and their white wine. Both were excellent and well worth the money. It goes to show that the English can make decent wine.

For a day out learning about vines or a shopping trip for some special wine, Lovells Vineyard is the place to go.
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About Winery and Wines

Nestled at the foot of the inspirational Malvern Hills, in the village of Welland in Malvern, Lovells Vineyard is a family run English vineyard established in 2010. The Lovells is a 13 acre site with gardens and vineyard and is open to the public for tours from May until November.