Hugo Eloy

Tudo 5*!!!! Recomendo vivamente a visita e...

Tudo 5*!!!! Recomendo vivamente a visita e os vinhos!
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Luciana Guimarães Santos

Adoramos. Local lindo e fomos super bem...

Adoramos. Local lindo e fomos super bem atendidos. Meus filhos ficaram desenhando enquanto faziamos degustação doa vinhoa
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Marcus Jardim

O lugar é muito bonito, as pessoas...

O lugar é muito bonito, as pessoas extremamente atenciosas e educadas e o vinho excepcional! É a Quinta mais elegante, moderna e descolada do Douro.
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About Winery and Wines

In 2003, Zeca obtained his “piece ” of the Douro and bought his Quinta which at the time was called Quinta do Vidiedo, located in Adorigo – Tabuaço. The winery is situated in one of the oldest wine regions in the world, home to all his childhood memories. He invested all his economic effort, dedication and perseverance by acquiring small plots of vineyards, mostly old, as well as planting new vines and olive groves. These vines were blessed by the quality of soil and built in terraces above the splendor of the Douro River.

In 2010, the dreamer then placed both his children – Stéphane and Vanessa Ferreira’s – feet on the Douro, keen to involve them in a desire to produce excellent wines under Pôpa’s signature. Zeca do Pôpa showed his children the magic that this terroir held, either through the production of fine wines, or by the Douro’s natural beauty and tradition.

In 2012, Quinta do Pôpa opened its doors to the public, encouraged by friends and family to do so. The welcoming of each visitor remains informal and intimate with the aim of sharing the history and highlighting the people who reflect the character of the Pôpa wine.

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The first harvest took place in 2007, at the time when Luis Pato, the winemaker and also family friend saw potential in Pôpa wines. Nowadays we see this kind of motivation and commitment in Pôpa’s grandchildren. With the assistance of winemaker Francisco Montenegro, the team have managed to turned this unique nectar into a tone of several Tributes : Quinta do Pôpa Homenagem to Francisco Ferreira; Pôpa VV, TN, TR and Pôpa ( white and red ) a tribute to the Pôpa family; Pôpa Sweet Red Wine, a tribute to all the women in the family; TrePA a tribute to the winemaker Luis Pato; and the range Contos da Terra to Douro Valley, the terroir and its people.

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Wireless Free

We provide Free Wine-Fi to all visitors.

Parking Free

Parking Areas are total free for visitors, on the right schedulles:
(April - October) Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 5pm and on Sundays from 10am to 2pm; other days, only by appointment and subject to availability;
(November - March) Monday to Friday from 10am to 5pm; other days, only by appointment and subject to availability;
Please be aware that the buses can not climb to the premises of the Quinta, only minibus.

Wine Sale

The winery has a Wins Store, were all the visitors can buy or order wine, scheduling delivery to the clients worldwide home. Clearly marked prices on products.
We accept Cash, Debit Card, Visa and Mastercard.


After a tour to the Quinta do Pôpa, with the Douro river in sight, is the perfect time to enjoy a nice wine lunch with several menus inspired in some Typical Douro Dishes, suggested by the chef. The wine tasting will take place during the meal, where the Pairing will be explained. Ideal if you want to surprise a loved one, or enjoy the experience with friends and family.

Programs available all year: Lunch with Simple Wine Match; Lunch with Premium Wine Match; Vegetarian and Children's Menu Options.

Advance booking required (minimum 3 days) to or ( 351) 916 653 442.
Subject to availability of the Chef. conditioned by space availability and weather.
The choice between simple and premium menus must be unanimous among the participants. The
vegetarian and children's menus are complementary menus. When choosing a vegetarian menu, the
wine tasting should be identical to that chosen by the participants of the simple or premium menu.
After booking, our team does not ensure delays exceeding 30 minutes.
Wine lunches are not served on Sundays, except for up to 8 people groups.
Must be made up to 48 hours prior to the start of the program for a full refund. Late cancellations later
or non shows, are not refundable.
If the cancellation is made by Quinta do Pôpa, you will be refunded of the total return of the
registration fee or it will be given the option to choose another program of equal or greater value.

Gay Friendly

Quinta do Pôpa welcome all members of the LGBTQ community, creating an respectful environment, treat all people equally and our team are non-judgmental.

Pet Friendly

Because pets are part of the family holidays and "getaways”, the majority of our wine tourism programs at Pôpa include their participation.
Please contact us, for more informations.