Nicola Durante

Vini di qualità eccezionale, specie i rossi....

Vini di qualità eccezionale, specie i rossi. Prezzi onesti se consideriamo la bontà di ció che si acquista
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Florin Peptine

Buon vino sono bravi

Buon vino sono bravi

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About Winery and Wines

Serafini & Vidotto grow their vineyards according to ethics, searching for taste, observing the paces and principles of a compatible and intelligent farming.
Since 1987, the 20 hectares produce best grapes of the area.
The quality of the wines is the result of the careful work in the vineyards. Healthy and ripe grapes, obtained with the high standards of manual labor, the right plan density (about 6,000 plans/hectare) and low yields. More or less one bottle per vine.
Without losing the sense and proportion of things, supporting the forces and the capacity of land, air, climate. Being content with a limited production, which grows very slowly respecting the character and nobleness of the result.