suzanne marra

Excellent food, superb staff, great surroundings. The...

Excellent food, superb staff, great surroundings. The wine was so good, we walked away with two cases.
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Adrian Tan

A fine dinning experience worth thr price....

A fine dinning experience worth thr price. Also took on their wine sampler that they recommended with thr food. It tasted all good, along with the small fortune it cost.
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Jason Light

We had a wonderful time here when...

We had a wonderful time here when we visited a few years back. The staff treated us like family, and their tasting experience was top notch. Here we are a few years later, celebrating our 4 year wedding anniversary and we decided to dig into our cellar. We just opened a bottle of their 2009, Project U12 North Block and we are very pleasantly surprised. It still has balance, fruit and plenty of life left in the bottle. Well done, and good on you folks.
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Dominic Baptist

The restaurant was great. Had a 4-course...

The restaurant was great. Had a 4-course lunch. It was served fine dining style. Great service by Lilly and team. Food was fantastic. They offer wine pairing as well. It was a leisure lunch. Just sit back and enjoy.
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They offer a wide range of wines...

They offer a wide range of wines and non alcoholic sparkling wine (very yummy!). The interior set up is very classy and modern with technology. Service staff was very friendly and conversational. Exterior landscaping was amazingly beautiful. It was really nice to walk around the place. Definitely recommended for a visit even if you are not a wine appreciator.
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About Winery and Wines

Voyager Estate lives in a very special part of the world. Our patch of land is our blood, our bones, our muscle and our heart. Without it, our vines, wines and reason for being do not exist. It is, therefore, second nature to us to put our environment front and centre in all our decisions about how we do what we do.

Our objective is to achieve environmental balance. To us, this means becoming a wholly-sustainable enterprise. Having started on this dedicated environmental journey in 2004, we continue to learn both through hands on experience and through reviewing the science as it develops.

Our Estate vineyards are currently undergoing transition to organic farming, underpinning our commitment to long-term commitment to sustainable farming.

Presently we have nearly 40 hectares which equates to one third of our vineyard area classified as ‘in conversion’ with Australian Certified Organic (ACO).

A further 40 hectares will be rolled into a full organic regime over the remainder of 2018, with the remainder of the vineyard converting in 12 to 18 months time. This plan will see our entire vineyard certified organic by 2023.