“ Brojli Aquileia wines, tastings on the velarium with views of the Patriarchal Basilica. The art of wine, the culture of the earth. ”
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The VINI BROJLI farm is managed by the Clementin family: inserted in the low Friuli plain, it developed in the historical and cultural context of the territories of Aquileia, where viticulture has a millennial history and the wines were already famous on the tables of the ancient Romans.mFertile soils, abundant, genuine products, which we cultivate with respect for our Mother Earth. Brojli derives from the "brogjilos" which were, for the ancient populations of Celtic origin of our lands, small plots of land near home cultivated with vines, where the ancient Romans produced wine for the nobles of Aquileia.
The Clementin family has always cultivated the land, generation after generation, year after year we have managed to offer our wines a quality and a typicality that reflects our noble work.
Vini Brojli is the new reality of the Clementin Farm: this was born and developed in Terzo di Aquileia, where Orlando and his son Franco, decide to concentrate on viticulture. They plant vines on family land, transform the old stable into a cellar and start to bottle and market Brojli wines. Year after year the production increases as well as the development projects: in 2016 Antonio, the third generation, enters the company and decides to transfer the production site to a larger winery in Aquieia. New projects are coming, but the traditional peasant welcome and respect for traditions, art and territory are and will remain the characteristics of our company.

This wine tour proposal allows you to spend beautiful moments in a unique atmosphere: the Aquileian countryside and in the background the Patriarchal Basilica. An opportunity to discover a reality of Friuli that goes beyond wine, a dip in a land rich in history, art, culture and tradition.
The offer 3 tasting alternative with a visit to the winery: 3, 4 or 5 tastings of their wines, accompanied by cold cuts, cheeses and various snacks.
This format is very familiar: "inter pocula laeti" said the Latin poet Virgil, "be happy among the glasses" therefore, have fun, enjoy tasting typical wines that reflect the territory.

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Min. 2 persons

How much does it costs?

3 wines:12 €
4 wines: 17 €
5 wines: 23 € per person


  • Greetings by the wine hospitality manager
  • Winery tour
  • Wine tasting according the the option chosen


  • Transfers to and from the winery


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