Very fun!

My brother and I really enjoyed the wine tasting with the food! The wine was really great and we enjoyed the tour

Wine experience di ottimo livello con questa...

Wine experience di ottimo livello con questa famiglia che ama e sa valorizzare al meglio il proprio lavoro. Stefano ti racconta con passione quello che fa e come lo fa e potesti stare ore ad ascoltarlo. Vini di qualità presentati in modo impeccabile dalla signora che ti accompagna nella visita spiegando tutti i segreti della lavorazione che questa famiglia attua per realizzare un prodotto di qualità notevole.
Quelle: google Sandro Stancampiano

Great wines on a budget

Great wines on a budget
Quelle: google SF Pietri

Var där alldeles nyss o blev väldigt...

Var där alldeles nyss o blev väldigt väl mottagna. Fick en intressant beskrivning av hur dom tillverkar sitt vin och en visning i vinkällare. Vi fick prova deras viner, mycket trevliga o vänliga. Fantastiska viner. Kan varmt rekommenderas.
Quelle: google Jonas Persson
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Thumbnail Scriani Weinprobe in der Nähe von Verona
Fumane, Verona (Valpolicella)
2 Stunden
Teilnehmer: Minimum 2, Maximum 30
Von €17.00
“Ein verstecktes Juwel im Herzen der Valpolicella; ein Familienbetrieb, der dich mit Leidenschaft begrüßt!”

Über das Weingut und die Weine

The “Scriani” vineyards are in the heart of the area called Valpolicella Classica and the main, privately-owned ones are situated on a gorgeous hill called “Monte S. Urbano”. The land, which is situated at an altitude ranging between 250 and 400 meters above sea level, partially consists of somewhat flat areas, and partially of dry-wall terracing, and is characterized by a lively torrential stream along its edge, called a “Vaio”. From the plateaus one admires beautiful and enchanting panoramic views over Valpolicella proper, and from certain points the eye reaches as far as the town of Verona on one side and Lake Garda on the other. Agronomically speaking, the soil is composed of a clay mixture containing definite parts of Eocenic gray limestone and basaltic tufa, which is particularly favorable for grapevines intended for the production of very high quality wines.

The area of production of “Valpolicella Classico” wine is comprised of a belt through the hills covering circa 200 sq. km. to the northwest of the fair town of Verona, Italy, halfway to Lake Garda as the crow flies. Valpolicella has always been famous for its wines, which have been well-known and appreciated ever since the Roman period for their fragrance and personality, and its name makes one think of the various nuances of its beautiful hilly landscape, with its soft and sumptuous lines. In the valleys and along the dry-wall terraced hills, one also sees cherry groves and olive trees, but what dominates are the proud vineyards, unmistakably pronouncing their priority, and made even more precious by the scattered characteristic dwellings: old stone farm houses, manor houses, villas belonging to the nobility, and those austere Romanesque churches that still today testify the depth and finesse of civilization in the area.