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Thumbnail Weinprobe und Weinbergstour bei Caiaffa Wines
Cerignola, Foggia
2 Stunden 30 Minuten
Von 15,00 €
“ Besuche das Weingut Caiaffa und seine Weinberge und genieße eine Weinprobe in Begleitung des Winzers Marco Caiaffa”

Über das Weingut und die Weine

Caiaffa Vini is located in Cerignola, on the heights that surround the legendary Tavoliere of Apulia. This is the “kingdom” of the Caiaffa family, the realm of a reassuring chromatism, yellow from the wheat and blue from the sky: the classic two-color landscape is a result of the lack of rain in this part of Apulia. The winery follows the principles of synergistic agriculture. Its principles? Embracing a new - but also ancient - way of conceiving nature as the only great collaborator. This is why, at Caiaffa Vini the use of insecticides and pesticides is banned, but rather flora and fauna are allowed to flourish spontaneously, willingly abdicating all conventionally used chemical synthesis products.

According to Caiaffa Vini, the winery is the place of reconciliation between tradition and innovation, a balance resolved through the recovery of traditional practices, such as long macerations, the use of native yeasts, and very little sulfur, aided through contemporary technology such as the nitrogen plant, which preserves the musts from the oxidizing action of oxygen, the vacuum press and, everywhere, the low temperatures applied even - and especially - during maceration.