Ottima esperienza tra Umbria e Friuli

La fattoria ColSanto è di proprietà della famiglia Livon, friulana, che produce vini umbri e friulani nei due territori. In cantina abbiamo assaggiato due vini friulani, bianchi e tre umbri: due rossi e un bianco di cui un blend e due vini in purezza. Lemieh è stata bravissima: ci ha accompagnato in questo viaggio con estrema pazienza e competenza, con uno stile comunicativo ottimo e tanta simpatia. La vigna è abbastanza nuova, ha 20 anni, ma la cantina sperimenta metodi nuovi e ambiziosi perché ha modo e risorse per farlo, con competenza.
L’aperitivo compreso nella degustazione è stato ottimo. Insomma… non è solo Umbria ma ci torneremmo.

In vino veritas

Ottima location con una cantina spettacolare.
La titolare è molto preparata, cordiale, caratteristiche non scontate vista anche la giovane età. Vini ottimi. Esperienza consigliata
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Thumbnail Grand Cru Verkostung auf der Tenuta Colsanto
Bevagna, Perugia (Sagrantino)
2 Stunden 30 Minuten
Von 40,00 €
“ Ein vollständiges Eintauchen zwischen Reihen, Eichenfässern und göttlichen Weinen. Entdecke die Philosophie der Familie Livon und probiere 5 Weine mit lokalen Produkten”

Über das Weingut und die Weine

Since 2001 Colsanto Winery has been growing exponentially in promoting, under the sign of excellence, the culture of wine. ColSanto combines aesthetic pleasure, given by its majestic location, with the pleasantness of its wines. The experience in ColSanto invites every guest to enjoy beauty, quality and passion.     
Signed by the unmistakable and unique Winged Woman of the Livon family, the ColSanto Estate is nestled  in the heart of the Strada del Sagrantino, surrounded by its fan-shaped vineyards. An iconic and breathtaking entrance , the double cypress-lined avenue, leads the visitors to the heart of the estate where the historic 18th-century farmhouse stands.
In twenty years of renovation works and major investment the 18th-century rudiment has been transformed into a wineshop with a well-equipped tasting area.  The panoramic window of the tasting room boasts a privileged and evocative view of the Umbrian Valley where the medieval towns of Assisi and Spello stand defined. 
The exquisite aesthetics of the entire building blends perfectly with the surrounding naturalistic landscape.
The Livon family has also invested significantly in hospitality to maximize the area's wine touristic potential. The B&B has expanded from 6 to 12 rooms, including 6 double rooms, 3 suites and 2 apartments. All the accomodation are finely furnished and equipped with every comfort, for a relaxing experience in the middle of the countryside but with a strategic solution for getting around and exploring the area. 
Another new feature of the estate is the swimming pool area, located in the highest part of the estate with an Assisi veiw and only accesible to B&B residents.
Winemaking is the core business as well as the driving force of the Estate; in Umbria as well the family's production philosophy is focused on supply chain sustainability. Investments include ongoing research for innovative agronomic  management that responsibly respects both Nature and consumer needs.
A constant comprehensive  approach aims to offer excellent wines and an unforgettable wine tourism experience.

The rearing method is the spurred cordon. The red grapes bred  are: Sagrantino, Sangiovese, Montepulciano and Merlot; for white grape we have Trebbiano Spoletino.
The vineyard is intensive, meaning that about 7,500 vines are planted per hectare. A technique that aims at a less voluminous but certainly more qualitative production.
In Umbria, the Livon family invests to produce great DOCG reds from Montefalco including Montefalco Rosso (a blend of 3 grape varieties) and 100% Montefalco Sagrantino.
The company philosophy pursues the use of Barrique (Hungarian and French) and temperature-controlled barrels.
In the cellar time is the master, paths of excellence achieved thanks to long aging and processing of particles in small volumes.