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Thumbnail Weinprobe in den unveredelten Weinbergen von FLORAMI
Trecase, Neapel (Amalfiküste, Vesuvio)
2 Stunden
Teilnehmer: Minimum 2, Maximum Nicht spezifiziert
Von €22.00
“Probiere die 2 Etiketten von FLORAMI direkt in ihrem unveredelten Weinberg, der zwischen dem Vesuv und Capri liegt”

Über das Weingut und die Weine

Love for our land and passion for our food and wine traditions. This is the inspiration and the energy source animating FLORAMI farm. In 2013 the founders of FLORAMI, passionate winemakers and farmers, decided to start a wine activity to be an expression of the excellence of their territory.FLORAMI was born starting from a radical restructuring of a land rising at the foot of Vesuvius, in Trecase, aiming to produce an ungrafted Falanghina. The numerous eruptions made the Vesuvian territory extremely fertile and rich in minerals, especially potassium, iron, phosphorus and silica, making these places particularly suitable for the cultivation of vines. Our viticulture is "ungrafted" i.e. without grafting the vitis vinifera on American vine. The roots are completely authentic and free, and so every vine can preserve intact peculiarities of plants, of their fruits and, of course, of the deriving wines. With full respect of the vesivian tradition, our wines are macerated white wines.

FLORAMI produces two lables from ungrafted vesuvian Falanghina grape, certified organic. With full respect of the vesuvian wine tradition, the wines are macerated white wines with 8-12 months of bottle refining. The maceration step is characterized from about one week timing, for the label "ìndole", and from about 1 month, for the label "conlebucce".