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Thumbnail Weinprobe auf dem Gipfel von Candia im Podere Scurtarola
Carrara, Massa-Carrara
2 Stunden 30 Minuten
Teilnehmer: Minimum 2, Maximum Nicht spezifiziert
Von €50.00
“Entdecke den Vermentino Nero und die alten Traditionen der Candia-Hügel bei einer Verkostung von 4 Weinen”

Über das Weingut und die Weine

Podere Scurtarola is a family winery situated at the peak of Candia Hills in the north-western corner of Tuscany. With the Apuan Alps as a backdrop and the vineyards stretching all the way down to the plains and the coastline far below, the view is indeed breathtaking. But working the vineyards can be challenging. The slopes are very steep and the epithet Heroic Wine, sometimes used for this region as well as for nearby Cinque Terre, is well earned and appropriate.

This is Vermentino Land, and Pierpaolo Lorieri, the owner of Podere Scurtarola, has done much to forward research and diffusion of knowledge about this fantastic grape. But it is not the only local grape of interest. The indigenous Vermentino Nero grape have been vinified at Podere Scurtarola since 1996, and the Vernero wine is the celebrated result of this labour, bringing out the full flavour of a grape that was all but forgotten.

We believe that the preservation of local varieties is important for the whole surrounding ecosystem. The Candia Hills have been clad in vineyards for at least 2000 years and plants and microorganisms have adapted to each other. We wish to disturb this balance as little as possible, which is why we never work the soil, we don't use any fertilizers and we don't even water the plants, despite our long, hot and dry summers.

Podere Scurtarola is also actively collecting local grape varieties, transforming part of the vineyards to a living museum, currently housing over 50 different types of grapes. They are all being vinified in a micro scale, with no other scope than to describe their properties and forward knowledge. Maybe future generations will find new treasures here, and bring them out of obscurity and to our tables! 

Scurtarola Brut is a classical method sparkling wine made from 80% Vermentino and 20% Chardonnay, with 36 months of fermentation. It is elegant and dry, with fine perlage and intense, persistant taste. 

Scurtarola Rosso is a fresh, ruby coloured cuvée made from equal parts of Sangiovese, Ciliegiolo, Massaretta and Buonamico. It combines very well with the local cuisine of cold cuts, beans, mushrooms and, of course, pasta. It is light, only 10,5% alcohol, and, like all our wines, contains very little sulphites, which makes it very pleasant to drink and easy to digest.

Vermentino Bianco is a full-bodied white wine, refined for 48 months in oak as though it was a red wine. This gives it an intense colour, almost like a passito, but on the palate you will find it dry and fresh, with a characteristic finish of bitter almonds. It is a perfect match for mature, strong-flavoured cheeses, such as the Scoppolato di Pedona.

Vernero is a dark, almost ink black wine, with a warm, full taste. It is refined for at least 48 months in oak barrels and with practically no added sulphites it still manages to age very well. It is rather low on tannines, but the high acidity gives it a timeless taste and makes it an excellent wine for any meat dish, or simply to enjoy on its own.