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Thumbnail Zu den Wurzeln von Disìo - Blanc de Noirs Verkostung bei Spagnolli
Cimone, Trient (Trient DOC)
2 Stunden 30 Minuten
Von 45,00 €
“ Eine exklusive Reise zur Entdeckung der Ursprünge von Spagnollis Blanc de Noirs. Verkostung von 2 Weinen, gepaart mit lokalen Produkten in den Bergen von Trient”

Über das Weingut und die Weine

The vines clinging to the limestone soil of the south-eastern slope of Monte Bondone, opposite the Dos Macoèl, generate their work, skilfully orchestrated by Professor Spagnolli and his son Alvise. The marl of the ancient seabed supports a poor land, which lies on an essential layer of calcareous clay. From this, each steep slope draws its peculiar vocation, generating -since 1978 –grapes with extreme features, which in turn are authentic expression of the Trentino territory.

The diversity of the soils is enhanced by pursuing balance as a path between verticality and sapidity. "A unique idea expressed by infinite diversity": this is what reveals and expresses the essence of Disìo. Disìo has made the aspiration of three Spagnolli generations come true, in particular that of young Alvise who, although he had already started a brilliant career as an energy engineer, chose to listen to the voice of his soul that encouraged him to go back to his family’s land and to his father.