“ Almost a thousand years of food and wine heritage in Salento! Enjoy a special wine tasting in this amazing location ”
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The family Guarini has been living in Puglia since 1040, their family arrived from Normandy in Terra d’Otranto centuries ago. They have a lot to tell, so many stories handed down, many historical figures who have been connected to the family, in the past they even hosted kings and saints, but the story that they like telling the most is the one that binds them to the earth: they have been cultivating it for almost thousand years, seeing themselves as farmers and thus, guardians of the Apulian agricultural heritage. The wines, oils, cereals, legumes and preserves thet produce reflect the character of the territory and tell of sun, sea, land, passion, history, elegance, culture and hospitality.

Accardo Guarini, Count of Valesio, in 1114 cultivated his vineyard in the Pìutri estate, overlooking the Adriatic sea between Lecce and Brindisi. Since then and for a lucky fate, we, the Guarini family continue to take care of those vineyards that are still rooted in the same wonderful Salento, respecting the traditions, without sacrificing innovation.

They own 700 hectares of property , farms and masserie in Salento, 70 of which are vineyards in the estate of Torchiarolo , 260 olive groves in the estate of Scorrano. In many of these lands they cultivate vegetables, ancient grains and new rediscoveries such as fiber and seed hemp.

With a tour in this winery you'll be able to choose among few different options:

BASIC WINE TASTING: Visit to the winery and guided tasting of the company products: two wines to choose among Murà, Taersia, Piccole Bolle, Campo di Mare, Malìa Rosa, Nativo, Pìutri, Vigne Vecchie e Malìa; Extra- virgin Olive oil “Duca Carlo Guarini”, accompanied by tarallini and friselline.

WINE & GASTRONOMY PRODUCTS TASTING:  Tasting of two wines, our extravergin olive oils and our gastronomy products All tasting are served with taralli and friselline

NEGROAMARO TASTING:  Visit to the winery and guided tasting of the Negramaro vine: white, rosè and red (different evolution and nuances depending on the vinification technique). Three wines to choose among: Taersia, Piccole Bolle, Campo di Mare, Piutri, Nativo. accompained by tarallini and friselline. In the comfortable drawing rooms with fireplace, or under the pergola when the weather is good.

AUTOCHTHONOUS TASTING: Visit to the winery and guided tasting of: a Negramaro, a Primitivo, a Black Malvasia. The three native grapes of Salento in purity. Accompanied by tarallini and friselline. In the comfortable drawing rooms with fireplace, or under the pergola when the weather is good.

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Basic wine tasting: from 55 €
Wine & Gastronomy tasting: from 69 €
Negroamaro tasting: from 65 €
Autochthonous tasting: from 65 €


  • Greetings by the wine hospitality manager
  • Winery tour
  • Wine tasting according the the option chosen


  • Transfers to and from the winery

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