Giornata fantastica ! Cibo ottimo e

Giornata fantastica ! Cibo ottimo e
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A family with deep roots in the Roero. Twenty hectares of land with diversified cultivation in the municipality of Monteu Roero. A company born through the determination and the passion of the “BAJAJ”, a family with humble origins, that trusted in its potentialities. The manager of the cellar is ADRIANO MORETTI, a young winemaker who loves to experiment different kinds of aging: barriques, bottles positioned in a underground sand cave with constant condition and terracotta amphorae. The production philosophy is to exalt the fruity feelings, the freshness and the elegance of Roero vines. At the moment, the bottles production, is about 15.000 bottles from 4 hectares of vineyards, but we are growing fast and we have programmed to grow 3 more hectares in the next 10 years. Curiosity: almost all the bottles are sold into the winery to witness the great importance given to the welcome of visitors.

Although on a small area of ​​4 hectares, the vineyards can count on two important quality factors: favorable positions and seniority (between 15 and 90). In addition, in recent years, particular care is given to the work in the vineyard. Respect for nature and use of quality winemaking methodologies have become an indispensable value for the production of Roero’s precious wines. The wines produced are: Roero ARNEIS, Langhe FAVORITA, "LOTOS FLOS" rosè of Nebbiolo, BARBERA D'Alba, Langhe NEBBIOLO, "CUPIDUS" Langhe Nebbiolo (2 years of underground aging), "PANDORAE VAS" Langhe Nebbiolo (aging in terracotta amphora), BIRBET (Brachetto)


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