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This is a small and very new...

This is a small and very new winery. During our visit we were treated like family and had amazing conversation. We learned a lot about the wine making and selling process. There is no doubt that a lot of care goes into their wines, which we enjoyed very much.
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Tasting of special wines at the Alemat Winery

2 Hours
From €15.00
“A unique experience discovering the magic atmosphere of the Infernot, in a Unesco Heritage Site”

About Winery and Wines

ALEMAT winery starts from our family’s passion for the Wine World. It is a young reality, as we were just born few years ago and although the two of us, as founders, are not exactly young anymore, the spirit that characterizes our reality is young. Our two sons Alessandro and Matteo have inspired the winery’s name and also positively influenced this “teen” spirit that made us accept this challenge with a lot of enthusiasm: a dream can become reality.
In this way ALEMAT (A l’è mat!), which in Piedmontese dialect means “He is crazy!”, has turned real. What for many years has been kept secret, fed by the precious friendships with people that make excellent wines is no longer a dream. The appeal of this world so nice and true helped us to find the courage to change our lives and to start a totally new adventure that from the very beginning granted us invaluable emotions.

Alemat borns in the heart and mind of Savio Dominici at the end of ’80s, everything of course begins from a bottle of wine, tasted in the prestigious hills of our Piedmont and from the friendship with one of the best winemaker in Langhe. Love for wine and vineyard increases over the years until it turns real in 2012, when another crucial encounter makes feasible what once was only a dream. Passion always developed and cultivated becomes real thanks to the cooperation with a careful winemaker in Monferrato . Wine cellar is managed with the advice of a famous oenologist.