About Winery and Wines

The estate, owned and run by the Odicini family, has ancient roots and the manor house overlooking the castle is a noble witness that has handed down its presence in the town and surrounding territory from 1500 to the present day. The passion for the land is a strong sentiment and it unites the ambitions of the most recent generations in a single story: that of Giuseppe Odicini, his wife Giulia Sterzi and their son Roberto, who has passed on the same passion and love to his wife Renata. Today, the property covers over 5 hectares, of which 3.25 planted with vines and the rest is pasture and woods. The work in the vineyard is supported by advanced technology in the wine cellar. Here, the selections made during the harvest evolve into wines that evoke continuous and diverse emotions. They are witnesses of the subtle or pronounced features that the vineyard gives to the grapes that matured in it. The company organizes guided tastings with a visit to the winery and vineyards. Some of the company’s prestigious wines can be found at the Italian Enoteca in Siena and the Italian Culinary Institute for Foreigners.