About Winery and Wines

The D’Angelo winery, whose name has been identified with the Aglianico wine for approximately a century, represents for Basilicata the history of this wine. Rocco and Erminia D’Angelo sons of Lucio keep focusing their efforts on the constant improvement of the quality of their products, which start first of all in the constant improvement of the quality of their approx. 35 ha of winery-owned vineyards. The winery has 35 Ha of winery-owned vineyard, and produces 300.000 bottles yearly.The company has 2 estates, the first one is used for the wine-making process and the second one for the ageing (barrels and barriques).

THE GRAPE: Aglianico 100%.
COLOUR: intense ruby-red wine, with garnet reflections
BOUQUET: intense perfume, ethereal and full
FLAVOUR: full taste, smooth, velvety armonious
AGEING: 15 years

THE GRAPE: Aglianico 100%
BOUQUET: clean nose with persistent cherry notes
FLAVOUR: full bodied, balanced with
tannins evolving to full maturity.
AGEING: 15 years

THE GRAPE: Aglianico 100%
BOUQUET: dry, full-bodied, well balanced, lively tannic when it is young, reaching velvety smoothless

THE GRAPE:Aglianico 100%
BOUQUET: smell of wood, mushrooms
and violet flower
FLAVOUR: full bodied, powerfull with a very balanced tannins.

THE GRAPE: Aglianico (D’Angelo clone); 4.30 hectares, number of wines: 21.500 Merlot (clone 347); 1.10 hectare, number of vine: 5.500
Merlot (clone 181); 0,80 hectares, number of wine: 4.000
COLOUR: intense ruby red
BOUQUET: typical of the grapes, scent of backberries
with a hint of spice
FLAVOUR: full bodied, rich, warm, smooth, elegant and lasting