Private lunch onsite...everything was amazing, especially the...

Private lunch onsite...everything was amazing, especially the 3L 2009 Torre Isilo!
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Thumbnail Wine Experience at Cillar de Silos
Aranda de Duero, Burgos
2 Hours
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“Come and discover Cillar de Silos, in Quintana del Pidio, in the garden of the Ribera del Duero.”

About Winery and Wines

The Aragon family has been historically linked to wine and with working traditions related to wine with the best results in the area for many years. Although the winery was inaugurated in 1970, Amalio Aragon had already begun buying small plots with high quality vines, waiting for the right moment to complete his dream of becoming a winery owner. The first harvest of Cillar de Silos was in 1995. Today, three of Amalio´s children run the winery. Roberto Aragon is Manager and is responsible for winery sales; Óscar Aragón, who studied Enology and is the Technical Director responsible for viticulture and winemaking of Cillar de Silos wines and Amelia Aragon who is in charge of exporting the wines around the world. In this family winery we are proud of our vines and our passion for the land which provides us with a world re-knowned grape variety :Tempranillo, The search for old vines is a continuous investment in the vineyard, which sets the Aragon family apart from the rest. The use of new technology and the best barrels on the market also makes this winery stand out along with the legacy passed on by previous generations.

Our wines come from more than 68 hectares which we own in the garden of the Ribera del Duero: between Quintana del Pidio and Gumiel de Mercado (Burgos). The orography is more uneven here than in the traditional Paramo (plain) with an altitude of between 940m and 900metres. There are numerous small plots most of which are smaller than a hectare and range between 15 to 100 years old with one or two that are pre-phylloxera. Thanks to the sandy soil, the phylloxera did not attack here with the same ferocity as in the other zones in the Ribera del Duero and we have been able to maintain most of the older vines. All the red wine in our winery is made from Tempranillo with a few young vines of the Albillo variety. Our vines are planted on slopes and are surrounded by forests with excellent drainage, protected from the dangerous winter frosts and cold northern winds by these forests which encircle the vines. The plantation density is 2,800 vines per hectare approx. The green pruning and cluster thinning are amongst the many important jobs in the vineyard. Yields vary between 2.500 and 3.500 kilos per hectare.