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Thumbnail Wine Tasting Workshop "Dare to taste!" at Domaine Haut Montlong
Bergerac, Dordogne
2 Hours
Participants: Minimum 1, Maximum 10
From €30.00
“Always wanted to participate in tastings but never took the plunge? Then this workshop is for you!”

About Winery and Wines

The Haut-Montlong wine estate is based in the
south west of France in Pomport, near Bergerac/-
Monbazillac. Haut-Montlong is a family estate of
75ha located on a mainly clay-limestone terroir, it is
managed by Laurence and Philippe métifet, the 4th
generation of the same family since 1925. Independents
winegrowers, Laurence and Philippe produce
fine and fruity local wines



We are winegrowers by nature, by tradition and by choice!

75 hectares of vines on the heights of Bergerac, south west of France. It is a wine estate that we bought from my parents in 2017 and expanded by choice and also by need.

We have been able to stand out and we offer wines that resemble us. Our values ​​of family and sharing are our pillars and our driving force.

The range of our wines is quite wide and adapted to the current market. Fruity and gourmet wines as well as more structured and woody wines.

Do you Know Bergerac Wines?

It is a controlled designation of origin recognized since 1936, one of the oldest designations in France.

The Bergerac vines benefit from a diversity of terroirs which contributes to forging wines with different character and styles. To the west, on the edge of the Bordeaux vineyards, the limestone soils predominate. In the north, the soils are clayey, sandy and limestone and in the southeast, limestone also dominates in the form of pebbles.

5 appellation wines flourish and express their typicality in a temperate climate with more or less significant oceanic influences.


We produce nore than 15 cuvées, you can find differents style of wine : red, rosé,
dry white, semi-sweet and dessert wine. Wines with different characters; light ant
fruity and other more complex and structured.
All our wines are now certified organic.