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A really beautiful place with charming people...

A really beautiful place with charming people and great wine – what more can you ask for? Kudos to you and your team!
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Dear Jack, thank you very much for your kind words! We will be waiting for you in the future!
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Thumbnail Montemaggio Winery wine tasting experience

Montemaggio Winery wine tasting experience

Radda in Chianti, Province of Siena
2 Hours
From €30.50
“Enjoy a 2 hour experience immersed in the green atmosphere and the silence of a biological reality with an unforgettable tasting of 7 wines”
Thumbnail Blind Tasting at Fattoria Montemaggio

Blind Tasting at Fattoria Montemaggio

Radda in Chianti, Province of Siena
2 Hours 30 Minutes
From €51.60
“Total Immersion Tour with Blind Tasting at Fattoria di Montemaggio”
Thumbnail Classic Wine Tour at Fattoria di Montemaggio

Classic Wine Tour at Fattoria di Montemaggio

Radda in Chianti, Province of Siena
1 Hour 30 Minutes
From €25.00
“A unique experience to discover the incredible estate of Fattoria di Montemaggio and taste their organic products.”
Thumbnail Mini-Tour at Fattoria di Montemaggio

Mini-Tour at Fattoria di Montemaggio

Radda in Chianti, Province of Siena
45 Minutes
From €20.60
“Enjoy a mini-tour of the incredible Montemaggio farm with a view of the estate from the cellar roof and tasting of 3 organic wines.”
Thumbnail Chic-Nic among the vineyards

Chic-Nic among the vineyards

Radda in Chianti, Province of Siena
1 Hour 15 Minutes
From €20.00
“An incredible experience to live among the vineyards of the incredible Fattoria di Montemaggio.”
Thumbnail Virtual Wine Experience at Fattoria di Montemaggio

Virtual Wine Experience at Fattoria di Montemaggio

Radda in Chianti, Province of Siena
1 Hour
From €20.60
“The acclaimed organic wine tours of the Fattoria di Montemaggio are now transformed into online tasting experiences!”

About Winery and Wines

Fattoria di Montemaggio is a small family run organic estate in the heart of Chianti Classico area in Tuscany! It is situated where once a 14th century tower stood above the old Roman road between Siena and Florence in Italy. Montemaggio also is featured on a map, dating back to 1560, of the “Captains of the Guelph Party” that is housed in the Podesteria di Radda (City Hall). The name Montemaggio derives from “Monte Maggiore” (Big Mountain), which indicates its elevated position.
The estate, which is a member of the Consortium of Chianti Classico, extends over an area of 70 hectares (about 190 acres) of vineyards, olive groves and woods; it is situated at a high altitude of 450 to 600 meters above the sea level. The vineyards have a central position in the estate with an exposure to southwest of remarkable importance. The soil is rich on galestro, sandstone, and alberese. The main grape varieties in our vineyards are Sangiovese, with small additions of Merlot, Pugnitello, Chardonnay, Malvasia Nera, and Ciliegiolo.
The particular position of the estate combined with the micro-climate, makes it possible for Montemaggio to offer a wide variety of products. We follow the concept of a very high quality “Terroir” wine. We have a chance to look at the quality of wine in every bottle and make sure that customer gets a very special product. The wines have been planted with a very high density per hectare (6250 plants/hectare in some vineyards). We then produce a lower quantity of grapes per hectare (35-60 Ql/hectare, depending on the vintage), by regulating it through pruning and selection techniques.
The mission of Montemaggio is quite simple: we aim to produce very high quality wines, which are highly connected to the land where they are produced. Therefore, we like to stay small as we are, in order to be able to control every plant we have and every bottle we make. Our wines are a 100% hand-made special product that you will recognise as soon as you open the bottle.

Fattoria di Montemaggio is the result of the passion, love and dedication of all the people that so far have worked here every day and it is also the dream come true of two women: Valeria Zavadnickova, the young owner of the Fattoria, whose passion for wine has brought her to learn everything about it and transform this passion into a real job, and Ilaria Anichini, an agronomist and the director of the winery that has worked here since 2005. It is not a coincidence that the image and logo of Montemaggio are represented by a young Etruscan woman with a basket of grapes on her head. Marina Zimoglyad had the idea and took inspiration from the painting created by her husband Andrey Remnev, who is a well-known and much appreciated Russian painter.
Moreover, Fattoria di Montemaggio preserves its land by respecting the land and its rhythm and following the organic principle in agriculture, in order to allow our customers to really appreciate the natural taste of our organic wines. During the harvest, grapes undergo a very strict selection in the vineyards, and after, in the winery. Production is completely hand harvested and only when the berries are fully ripened.
Our wines are irrevocably connected to the “terroire” they have been grown on and have absorbed the tastes of wild forest around it. We try to use as minimal barrique as possible in order not to contaminate the taste of the wine with a flavour of wood.


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Since we are a wine estate, we offer to our guests the possibility to purchase all our products, they can also be shipped to your preferred destinations, so you do not have to keep carrying the bottles if you continue your holiday. We also sell other products then wine, ranging from olive oil of our own production, grappa and various wine accessories.

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