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Esilarante con un Albarone 2011

Esilarante con un Albarone 2011
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Fabio Sanghez

Ottimi vini, cordialità e simpatia

Ottimi vini, cordialità e simpatia
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About Winery and Wines

Like flowers, trees and vines, the Bonfante family has its roots down into the land. They are set in the south of Piedmont and take sap from a long tradition of winemaking. Today Marco and Micaela carry on the family tradition of selecting grapes and producing wines in Barolo, Nizza Monferrato, Gavi and the Roero area.

Marco Bonfante Srl, a young wine-making concern, was born from Marco’s and Micaela’s – brother and sister - passion for wine, continuing the tradition of the Bonfante family, which has been producing wines in Piedmont for 8 generations. Micaela looks after the administrative side while Marco, with his diploma from the Oenology and Viticulture school of Alba, is in charge of production and marketing. “For us, Piedmont is a land of great wines, with a centuries-old wine and gastronomic tradition. The micro-climate and the characteristics of the soils, which change considerably from one area to another, give us the chance to find the best “terroir” conditions, both for the various autochthonous vines and for international ones”.

Believing firmly is our convictions and starting off from our family-owned vineyards, we elected various sites for growing grapes that were then turned into wine. Our headquarters are in Nizza Monferrato and are surrounded by the vineyards of the Stella farm, while the other vineyards are to be found in different areas, all in highly prized positions. The total area given over to vines, adding together the various farming estates in Barolo, Nizza Monferrato, Gavi and Castellinaldo Roero, covers more than 20 hectares.

Production is made up as follows and offers many of the most important Piemontese denominations. The most important varieties of white grapes are:

Cortese or Gavi, a fresh, fruity wine that, produced in the commune of Gavi, is offered both in a basic version and as a cru: I Ronchetti.

Arneis, with the denomination Roero DOCG, and more aromatic and mineral wine

Moscato, with the denomination d’Asti DOCG, a dessert wine or an aperitif, sweet and aromatic.

The red-grape varieties are listed in decreasing order of the quantity produced:

Barbera, with the denomination d’Asti Superiore, offered as Stella Rossa, pleasingly fruity and elegant, or as Menego, an excellent barrique-refined Barbera. Said grape achieves its maximum qualitative expression in Bricco Bonfante.

Nebbiolo with the denomination d’Alba DOC, elegant, full bodied but also delicate; always from this vine, but in different “terroir”, are produced Barolo DOCG and Barbaresco DOCG, wines of great body and with a good presence of tannins, destined to lengthy refinement in order to become wines for meditation

Cabernet Sauvignon is selected for two cuvee with Barbera, with the denomination Monferrato DOC Rosso. The most important of these two wines is Duedidue, a fascinating wine for its intensity and complexity

Albarossa, this little-know grape is, with the name Albarone, the feather in our cap. A powerful wine that fascinates connoisseurs.