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Azienta vitivinicola giovanissima ma che in pochi anni si è ritagliata subito spazio tra i top leader gia presenti nel mercato. A dir poco super meticolosi in tutto il processo, dalla vigna alla cantina, i risultati dei vini di Omina Romana sono inconfondibili, qualitativamente al top e unici nel loro genere. Personale super qualificato e gentilissimo nel percorso di visita dell'azienda. Essendo dei prodotti qualitativamente " di nicchia" i prezzi sono un po sopra la media ma per poter giudicare bisogna provare e dopo aver degustato il tutto sarà giustificato!!



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About Winery and Wines

The interplay of climate and soil as well as the expertise and EXPERIENCE of the vineyard experts form the foundation for creating an exceptional wine. After meticulous evaluation of the environment, we planted our grapevines, carefully nurtured them for years and allowed them to grow in harmony with nature. To produce wine with an unmistakable CHARACTER, we take a hands-off approach to processing the grapes following harvest. All of our wines are allowed plenty of time and tranquility to mature. Only then does the flawless aroma reveal the nature of the vineyard’s high standards and the PURE PASSION that prevails in the cellar.

Our wines develop their very own character, as we put our heart and soul as well as our expertise into the production process. Careful consideration of the prevailing terroir went into planting each and every grapevine on our estate, exploiting the natural influences of wind, light, and temperature. We draw on the region’s centuries of experience and carry on the traditions passed down from one generation to the next. We also incorporate cutting-edge scientific knowledge into the trimming and pruning processes. But when it really comes down to it, we owe the uniqueness of our wines to those who dedicate themselves to the cause every day: the people who are bound to the