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Thumbnail Trinken und Träumen: Weinprobe auf dem BES-Weingut
Treville, Alessandria (Monferrato)
2 Stunden
Teilnehmer: Minimum 2, Maximum Nicht spezifiziert
Von €25.00
“Besuche uns in einer verzauberten Welt, ein bisschen "retro", in Gesellschaft von Marienkäfern und Schmetterlingen!”

Über das Weingut und die Weine

Once upon a time......this is how a fairy tale begins, isn't it? We met and, over a glass of wine, under a starry sky, we began to dream.....we are a family, a family a little special. BES, besides being the acronym of our surnames (Balocco and Scheda), also means Bisogni Educativi Speciali (Special Educational Needs) as well as Bere e Sognare (drinking and dreaming). It’s been about 10 years since our life had to adapt to special needs that require a lot of patience. Special needs that request to know how to wait with confidence and fight against every kind of adversity to reach slowly, very slowly, little results very important for our daily life. Needs for our little children, for nature and for our vineyard that has to be daily cared for with love and ......effort! This is our wonderful world that we learned to love and we are still learning to unconditionally love. Observe, listen to and understand the language of our vine and children is essential for us. The respect for nature and the surrounding environment is the first step. We decided to undertake this new life (imposed from a certain point of view) with energy and desire to satisfy the needs of the nature and of our young and wonderful Dede.

Right from the beginning we have been very careful about complying with environment regulations relating to a "green culture" ( we would like to leave to next generations our land free of any unhealty substance) and we took the decision to convert the lands and vineyards to the organic production. BES is a very small winery located in the gentle hills of Monferrato region, in the municipality of Treville. It consists of 6 hectares of lands of which 2,5 of vineyards. The soil of the vineyard is originated from marine sediments. A terroir limestone, clay, alkaline and poor of nourishment that gives to our wines pleasant fruity notes and strong minerality.