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Thumbnail Randi Vini, der Geschmack der Tradition in der Romagna
Fusignano, Ravenna (Romagna)
1 Stunde
Teilnehmer: Minimum 2, Maximum 20
Von €18.00
“Weinproben in der herrlichen Romagna, bei denen du den Geschmack der lokalen Traditionen entdeckst und schmeckst”

Über das Weingut und die Weine

The Randi winery was founded at the end of 800 by the great-grandfather Luigi and evolved, as was the we know today, after the end of the second world war. The brothers work in the company Randi: Denis, who deals with the technical and care of the vineyard, and Massimo, who is in charge of the commercial part and relationship with the customers. The Randi company extends between the municipalities of Fusignano and Alfonsine, in the Romagna plain, to the borders with the Marche and the Adriatic Sea. Always grape producers, since 1999 associated with the “Il Bagnacavallo” consortium for production and enhancement of native grapes. Uva Longanesi, for the production of "Burson" wines; Grapes Famous for the production of "Rambela" wines; Centesimino and Malbo Gentile grapes. Historical vines who find their natural habitat in this environment. In particular, the Longanesi grape, a black berry vine, saved in the pinewood of Classe, oasis botany adjacent to the city of Ravenna, no more than 20 km from our company, with probable Middle Eastern origin. Reaches Ravenna in the period in which the latter was the capital city of the Western Roman Empire and the Classe pinewood was its port. The growth ground is a medium mixture. While the first historical reference that certifies the presence of the Famoso Grape, a grape variety white, in our territory, is dated 1437. It represents the document of the customs duty of the common of Lugo, where the Famoso grape, Uva Rambela, Uva Valdoppiese (synonyms of the same product) entered to be sold locally. These represent the most widespread and important native vines of the Randi winery in Fusignano.

Since the 2018 vintage they are in biological conversion. Development, enhancement of our vines it cannot be dissociated from the growth of our territory and the people who live therev they are part of. Genuine and sincere people like the wine obtained from Longanesi grapes; fresh and always as young as the wine obtained from the Famous Grapes. In the new structure present in Fusignano, there is the barrel room in which it comes carried out the final phase of aging. There is a tasting room and shop. In the Randi winery it is possible to make tastings led by Massimo, in accompaniment with typical foods of our territory. The company also organizes dinners private proposing to every course a glass of wine that best matches.