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Thumbnail Fröhliches Weinerlebnis bei Capurso Wein in der Nähe von Verona
Verona, Verona (Valpolicella)
1 Stunde 15 Minuten
Von 27,00 €
“ Probiere Verona, wo der Wein Kunst ist. Entdecke das Weingut, seine Geschichte und seine Aromen bei einem guten Glas Wein”

Über das Weingut und die Weine

The Capurso winery was founded in 1896. It all began in Verona, precisely in Valpantena, where passion and experience were handed down from generation to generation, from father to son. Everything continues today, with Giovanni Camilla Selene and their passion for Life, Vines and Wines. In Nesente, in the heart of Valpantena, just 6 kilometers from the historic center of Verona, there is Agricola Moranda owned by the Capurso family. Giovanni Camilla and Selene, they are today, the fourth and fifth generation to continue the long family history. A wine company in a soil and climate area particularly favorable for the cultivation of vines, consisting of about 17 hectares, of which 15 are vineyards and 2 between olive and cherry trees. A single body company with a complete production cycle, from the vineyard to the glass.

15 hectares of vineyards cultivated with Guyot with the main varieties of the Valpolicella DOC such as Corvina, Rondinella, Molinara, Corvinone and Croatina all equipped with a dripline irrigation system with over 70 km of pipes. The harvest is done strictly by hand, the carefully selected bunches must be free of dents, with the berries not too tightly tied together, to allow the passage of air during drying. They are all spread in the same direction, in a single layer, on the plastic trays, which are filled in the vineyard and transported directly to the fruit cellar so as to handle the bunches as little as possible to avoid chafing and bruising.


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