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Thumbnail Probiere den Monferrato bei Pastorello Vini
Fubine, Alessandria (Monferrato)
2 Stunden
Von 30,00 €
“ Ein kleines familiengeführtes Weingut mit einer Leidenschaft für guten Wein und gutes Essen. Ein tolles, informelles Erlebnis mit erstaunlichen Produkten”

Über das Weingut und die Weine

Our products are the result of a strong commitment, both in the care of the vineyards and in the wine-making processes, all done with an eye to nature, trying to have the lowest possible ecological impact. CARE OF THE QUALITY OF THE GRAPES: it is often thought that a good wine is produced only in the cellar, but it is not entirely true! A good wine is born in the vineyard, with the harvesting of the best grapes. One of the key steps to obtain a grape of excellent quality is the so called "Green Harvest", that is the removal of a certain quantity of grapes in the summertime, when the ripening phase of berries begins, in order to allow the remaining grapes to accumulate more sugars and aromas.

VINIFICATION: the must, obtained from grapes harvested exclusively by hand that allows a careful selection of the product, is fermented at controlled temperature with the development of malolactic fermentation, remains in steel vats on the fine lees for the period of aging, enhancing the complexity of flavors and fragrances. Press wine is not added to the mass, to avoid too hard tannins.