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Thumbnail Besichtigung und Weinprobe auf der Tenuta La Riva
Valsamoggia, Bologna (Colli Bolognesi)
2 Stunden 30 Minuten
Von 35,00 €
“ Besuche das Weingut Tenuta la Riva und lerne die Produktionsphilosophie kennen, vom Weinberg bis zur Flasche; entdecke, wie eine klassische Methode hergestellt wird!”

Über das Weingut und die Weine

Young and little family-run company, where everything is passion. Starting from Alberto’s love for wines refermented in the bottle, combining the French art of Champenoise Method with the local Ancestral Method one. Tenuta La Riva shares the great passion for sparkling wines typical of our area, but since its beginning it was decided to dedicate the production to bottle fermented wines only. In this way we can ensure obtain finer wines with a very delicate perlage. Learning from the great French masters, adding a little of tradition inherited from our grandparents, to create what we, with a little pride, like to call the COLLI BOLOGNESI TRADITIONAL METHOD.

Tradition and knowledge, developed for centuries in the North of France, then spread all over the world. Art of recreating the so-loved bubbles through a second fermentation of the wine inside the same bottle in which it will be consumed. And praise to patience, because even once the fermentation is over, the wine must rest, in contact with the exhausted yeasts, for a long, long time. Someone chooses to wait 10 months, someone 12; we decided that at least 24 months were necessary to ensure that the yeasts themselves could release the desired aromas and let the bubbles became fine enough. When it is time, the sediments are removed through a la volèe disgorgement and nothing but the same wine is added to fill the bottles. Only in this way can we preserve the natural flavours and aromas of this nectar that we love so much.