Sobre la bodega y los vinos

Between Monte Baldo and Garda Lake, in a multifaceted and unusual land, the Gentili farm cultivates
its vineyards, planted by Carlo Gentili since 1979. Old pearls in which to find the tradition of simple
and territorial viticulture, made of manual gestures and of great respect for the Earth, the Plant and Man.
Enrico Gentili with his sister Elisa has been leading the company since 2010, researching and enhancing
the peculiarities of these lands, its old varieties and popular beliefs, often refusing conventions to find
a way of drinking wine that is as direct as possible, faithful to territory, sincere with anyone who
approaches him

The most representative wines of the company are those obtained with local autochthon varieties, namely
Chiaretto, Bardolino and Trebianèl. Then there are some more particular wines, which represent the maximum
elegance of the Garda area, obtained with vinification free from conventional schemes: Trebianèl Refermented
in the bottle, Chiaretto Metodo Classico, Bardolino San Verolo and Chiaretto Barbagliante aged in terracotta and with natural fermentation. Outsider, Souvignier Gris,
aged in terracotta and obtained from untreated grapes and with spontaneous fermentation.