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Montemelino is a small organic farm on the shores of Trasimeno lake: a land that has been cultivated with vines and olive trees since the time of the Etruscans. The special microclimate offered by the lake, surrounded by rolling hills, has favoured quality productions: the DOC region is characterized by Sangiovese, Ciliegiolo and Gamay del Trasimeno for red wines, Trebbiano and Grechetto for white wine. Montemelino is a family-run farm that has been producing quality wines and extra virgin olive oil since 1961: the winery is part of our house. We are fortunate to be in places of rare beauty on the border between Umbria and Tuscany in a landscape of small villages and tranquillity. We have turned the farmhouses into apartments for those who want to spend their holidays in the green heart of Italy.

Montemelino Bianco. Obtained from the assembly of the two main native Umbrian white grape varieties: Tuscan Trebbiano and Spoletino with a small amount of Grechetto. Montemelino Rosso. A wine that we have always produced: based on Sangiovese with other local red grapes. It refines for about a year in oak barrels: ripe tannins and good texture. Ciliegio Rosè. Obtained by a light pressings of the red grape Ciliegiolo , this wine expresses in an exemplary manner the expression of fresh and fruity notes of the grape. In the mouth the structure is perfectly balanced with a pleasant acidity Grechetto. Wine made with the aim of maximizing the potential of a great wine grape in the traditional Umbrian white grape environment: Grechetto. Wine with excellent structure where typical Grechetto fruity notes are fine and elegant. Grappolo Rosso. Obtains from Sangiovese and Trasimeno Gamay grapes a beautiful ruby red colour and a fruity fresh aroma; is a traditional wine that lives six or eight months in oak barrels, before refinement in the bottle. It has a dry, slightly tannic taste. Vinea Alta . Wine produced with Pinot Noir grapes, ruby colour and an elegant aroma of berries. 12 months in French oak barrique, at least 12 months in the bottle; finesse and persistence. Grappolo d’Oro . Wine produced with Merlot fully ripe grapes: intense ruby red colour and red fruit aroma . 12 months in French oak barrique, at least


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