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Popular Places in Sassari

Popular Destinations in Sassari

Thumbnail Olbios Aperitif Experience at Tenute Olbios
Olbia, Sassari (Gallura)
1 Hour
Participants: Minimum 1, Maximum Not Specified
From €30.00
“Enjoy a unique aperitif in the heart of DOCG Vermentino Gallura: taste 3 wines paired with a selection of local delicacies”
Thumbnail Sardinian Journey: Wine tasting and light lunch at Tenute Olbios
Olbia, Sassari (Gallura)
1 Hour
Participants: Minimum 2, Maximum Not Specified
From €43.00
“Live a full immersion in the Sardinian food and wine heritage with this special light lunch experience including 4 wines & local delicacies”
Thumbnail Vermentino experience at Tenute Olbios
Olbia, Sassari (Gallura)
1 Hour 15 Minutes
Participants: Minimum 1, Maximum Not Specified
From €50.00
“Get to know the different refined expressions of Vermentino in Gallura, in the heart of Sardinia's only DOCG!”
Thumbnail Wine Tasting at Tenuta Muscazega with a view of the Limbara Hills
Tempio Pausania, Sassari (Gallura)
2 Hours
Participants: Minimum 2, Maximum 8
From €36.00
“A visit among the scents of Gallurese nature with a tasting of 2 to 4 excellent wines accompanied by local home-made delicacies”
Thumbnail Wine tasting in the heart of Gallura at Cantina Manconi
Tempio Pausania, Sassari (Gallura)
2 Hours
Participants: Minimum 1, Maximum 20
From €45.00
“Visit the Manconi winery and enjoy a tasting of 5 wines paired with delicacies from the territory in their cozy tasting room”
Thumbnail Picnic in the Vineyards of Petra Bianca in Gallura
Palau, Sassari (Gallura)
2 Hours
Participants: Minimum 2, Maximum Not Specified
From €40.00
“A memorable picnic experience, with a bottle of Vermentino, a tasty picnic box and a view over the sea and Palau's famous Isola dei Gabbiani”

More information on Gallura

If you're looking for a destination where you can combine visits to wineries, vineyard tours and various wine tastings with a holiday in one of Italy’s most loved sea locations, Sardinia, then Gallura is the place for you. Here, you will be able to enjoy Gallura’s white beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters, and an uncontaminated hinterland rich in history and nature.

Thanks to Gallura’s unique landscape, characterized by gentle hills stroked by the wind and soils rich in granite, your wine tastings in the area will include some bold white wines with excellent fruity and floral notes, pronounced acidity and a good alcohol presence. The star of Gallura wines is certainly Vermentino, which is produced across the region. Gallura boasts the only DOCG appellation of Sardinia, Vermentino di Gallura DOCG. Other appellations produced in the area include Vermentino di Sardegna DOC, Moscato di Sardegna DOC, as well as two IGT appellations, Colli del Limbara and Isola dei Nuraghi.

Which food to taste in Gallura?

Wine tastings, winery visits and hikes across the beautiful hinterland and beaches of Sardinia are not the only strong points of Gallura. While here, you will be able to pair your favorite glass of Vermentino with some of the area’s flavorful traditional dishes, like Zuppa alla Gallurese, gnocchi Galluresi, Pulilgiòni, the famous Sardinian porceddu (roasted sucking pig), roasted lamb, mussels, Mazza Frissa, Seadas.

Which wines to taste in Gallura?

During your time in Gallura, your wine tastings will revolve around two main grape varieties, Vermentino and Moscato Bianco. This is because, within the central and northern parts of Sardinia, wine production focuses on whites, opposed to a prevalently red production in the south. Other common white grape varieties found around Gallura are Malvasia Bianca, Malvasia di Sardegna, Nuragus and Torbato.

Which is the best season to visit Gallura?

If you want to combine visits to wineries, wine tastings and wine tours with a typical holiday by the sea, then you should visit Gallura’s area during summer. If instead, you want to enjoy the stunning Costa Smeralda while less crowded and explore the beautiful hinterland of Gallura, rich in history and archeological sites, then we recommend organizing your trip either during spring or autumn.

What things to do in Gallura?

While in Gallura, don’t limit yourself to wine tastings and scenic winery visits. This territory is filled with both natural and historical highlights, such as Santa Teresa di Gallura, Palau, the Maddalena Archipelagos, Costa Smeralda, Tavolara Island, Luras' millennial olive tree.