About Winery and Wines

Argillae, the spirit of the matter, comes from the passion, rooted in time, of the owners, Bonollo, Di Cosimo and Ascenzi families. Starting from their love for the earth and its fruits, they gave life to this plan whose goal is to be projected into the future with the acknowledgment of the past. According to the philosophy that in order to produce high quality wines and olive oil, it’s necessary to find the right territory, after many researches it has been chosen a unique place in the Orvieto area, which for exposure and structure it’s particularly suitable, and that’s the reason why the name “Argillae” was chosen. Passion and capacity, tradition and technology, love for the territory, are expressed in our products, wines and olive oil of excellent quality are true ambassadors of Umbria region.

The vineyards are about 70 hectares, situated at an altitude of 350 to 500 metres above sea level, have an east–west exposure on the sunny hills. Theirs particular soil composition (calcareous – clayey) the excellent exposure, the special microclimate and a careful selection of the grapes (merlot, cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay and sauvignon blanc), with a particular regards to the autochtonal varieties of the area (grechetto, verdello, drupeggio, procanico and Montepulciano), make up a very particular terroir dedicated to produce top-quality wines). The harvest and the pruning are strictly handmade. A special regard is dedicated to the environment during the cultivation of the vineyards.