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Vini nati dalla serieta'

Vini nati dalla serieta'

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ottimi vini cannonau e al top

ottimi vini cannonau e al top
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About Winery and Wines

It is from a long-lasting century tradition that Audarya was born. A perfect mix of tradition and desire for innovation.

An area of 35 hectares of vineyards, where in the middle is located our winery:

A winery that is also a place for tasting, while admiring the vineyards with the gaze meandering up to the old church of Sibiola, in the other side of the valley.

Here are the big vat-room, the wine cellar, the barrels, the tanks, the bottling room and our offices. Here, you can find a small museum of wine, with tools of the last century, recovered and restored.

Audarya, in an ancient oriental language, means “nobility”.

Between different names, we chose it as the name of our winery, because we believe in a new way of doing business: being respectful of all is around the life of a society.

A specific point of view that requires to be focused and transparent, to be open-minded and aware, to talk to customers and to listen to them. To try to know them truly.