About Winery and Wines

The Pelissero family has deep roots in Neive, in fact we are named after the small “borgata” Pelisseri, small fraction of the village of Neive. "Cascina Crosa", our farm was purchased by our family in 1921 when the two brothers, Giovanni and Giuseppe (my grandfather) married and left the family farm in Pelisseri to start their own farm at short distance away.

Before us, "Cascina Crosa" belonged to a noble family in Neive, Conti Cocito. It is an historic property, then and now, located in the heart of Neive’s best vineyards. Winemaking has always been important for us. My father, Pasquale loved deeply his vineyards and his work in the cellar. He’s one of the first wineries in Neive to make the leap to focasing on quality rather than bulk wine prodution, very common in those days. His first vintage to be bottled was a 1971 Barbaresco. My father passed away in 2007, having worked alongside him since a child, along with our son Simone, who attended the Alba Wine School and now continues his family business. We base our work on the belief that great wine can only be made in the vineyard, therefore we invest an enormous amount of time tending to our vines, by hand, one vine at a time, this is why we only make wine from our own grapes. Seeing people enjoy our wines in markets around the world fuels our passion for our work.