About Winery and Wines

In the extremely varied landscape context of the Penisola Salentina, caressed by the winds blowing from the Adriatic and from the Ionian seas, close to the well-know secular olive groves, there are settled the blooming wineyards of the Cantine Baldassarre. The origin of the firm date back early 80's, when Angelo Baldassarre, founder of the family, decides to build with his own arms and hands lu parmientu, a wine cellar equipped for handling the owner grapes. The activity proceeds for years with the help of his wife, Maria, and of his four children. In 2002 two of his children, Salvatore and Giuseppe, relying on the quality of the produced wines and in the excellence of the autochtonous vines, they invest in the renewal of the firm Cantine Baldassarre. The company's purpose is to join the tradition of wines of great distinguishing feature, like those produced from Negroamaro and Primitive grapes with innovation and technology, modern technical and new procedures for working in a wine cellar. In doing this, they will deeply follow the whole production cycle, from the cultivation and the selection of the grapes, to the final relationship whit the customer. Today the firm Cantine Baldassarre manages with care and devotion about dozen of hectares of vineyards, it produces and it sells around 50,000 bottles for year. Along with the brothers Salvatore and Giuseppe Baldassarre, managers, people in charge for the firm and the father Angelo, always present during the working and quality control phases, other people contribute with their work to the production of Baldassarre wines: Dr. Francesco Cascione, agronomist and wine specialist, Eng. Floriano Lioy, export manager and Eng. Giuseppe Rizzo, IT responsible.


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