About Winery and Wines

Our winery is located beside the barn, among the vines, with spectacular views of the valley of Sort and the Batlliu. It is a functional spare equipped with the necessary technology which allows us to elaborate quality wines with the least possible intervention and the most respect for the fruit our vines give us. We wanted to contract an internationally renowned architect, but we settled for the design of our partner Guillem Puras. We clearly understand that the wine is made in the vine and that in the winery we on ly have to accompany the process.

We work mainly with the varieties Pinot Noir, Riesling and Viognier planted on calcareous and slate soil. Our vineyards are located on the slopes of the “batlliu” of Sort, from which we took the name of the winey. Old meadows of grass reconverted into vines 200 year after the extinction of the vine in the zone. Surrounded by forests of oaks, durons and hackberries, and in the area of influence of the National Park of St. Mauricio lake. Moreover we make our interpretation of the south of the subzone Pallars, the BORD line, form the grape in the vineyards located in the Conca de Tremp, vinificated in our winery with the philosophy Batlliu de Sort. We work only with products permitted in ecological agriculture, with total respect for the vital cycle of the vine and traditional processes. A quality wine must express the land where it has been conceived.