Had an absolutely amazing experience on their...

Had an absolutely amazing experience on their tour and the wine is great, the Cava is incredible!! Thank you so much
Source: google Danielle Young

Este viñedo enclavado en el corazón de...

Este viñedo enclavado en el corazón de Lleida tiene unas fabulosas cepas de las cuales obtiene variados vinos y cavas. La visita es estupenda, la atención excelente y los vinos... mejor vayan y compruébenlo por ustedes mismos! No tiene desperdicio!
Source: google Berenice Blanco Rojas

Visita imprescindible pels amants del bon vi,...

Visita imprescindible pels amants del bon vi, amb caràcter i identitat pròpies.
Source: google Domènec Vila Navarra
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About Winery and Wines

The land and the climate are Clos Pons’ identity signs, born with the aim to express our land’s sensory richness in each single bottle. Passion and respect for the land; the gentle, painstaking care taken in each of the phases of the winemaking process, and the expert hands of oenologist Martí Magriñá have given Clos Pons a winemaking competence that has consolidated the winery as a reference point for quality both within the D.O. Costers del Segre and on an international level. This is reinforced by the recognition it has been afforded by consumers and by some of the most prestigious institutions worldwide. The construction of the winery completes the wine project started in 2005 by the Pons family. The design of the space is fuelled by the philosophy of tradition and respect for the land, reflecting the history of the company. Based on the concepts of order, symmetry, land and buildings of stone and wood, characteristics of the area of Les Garrigues, the project revolves around its adaptation to the environment and the project's interaction with it. The rectangular floor plan located on the top of a hill offers magnificent sunsets, overlooking the vastness of Les Garrigues and the Catalan Pyrenees.