About Winery and Wines

Mons La Graveyre is a 4 hectares estate (2,2 ha of vines and the rest oh others cultures and wood) situated in the foothills of La Garonne, 15 km south of Bordeaux, on the right bank.

After a decade working as winemaker for several Bordeaux estates (at Pomerol essentially), I fulfilled my quest for adventure and independence by acquiring Château Mons La Graveyre in 2016. I was then convinced to have found the perfect terroir to express my vision to winemaking, end to produce wines that I would take pride in sharing with friends, family members, and consumers that share my values and commitment to nature, environnement and biodiversity.

Mons La Graveyre is a blend of 80% Merlot and 20% Cabernet Sauvignon. The vines, which are all worked in accordance to organic farming, biodynamie and agroforestry are enjoying an ideal southern exposure and benefiting from a rich and complex terroir composed of clayey gravel soil and clay-limestone subsoils. Aged in amphora and barrels, to preserve the freshness of the fruit. It results in a fruit-forward, rich, and perfectly balanced wine. The tannic structure is silky, providing instant gratification, but powerful enough to foster an excellent aging potential.