Il posto è in collina, in mezzo...

Il posto è in collina, in mezzo ai vigneti, bella vista. La sala degustazione è ben fornita , se ne può approfittare:-). Quello che mi è piaciuto di più è stata la visita al museo durante la quale l'enologo, cortesissimo, ci ha spiegato le caratteristiche dei diversi terreni, uve e quant'altro incide sulla bontà del vino. Interessante anche la cantina con le grandi botti in rovere. In sintesi, se siete nei paraggi, vi consiglio di farci un salto.
Source: google Maria Zini
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All the wines produced by ZONIN1821 are inspired by this principle: they are representative of their own specific areas and they express their identities in a powerful way. The numerous accolades obtained over the last few decades are rewards for the validity of this corporate philosophy. The Zonin family’s Estates cover a total of over 4000 hectares of land, of which around 2000 are planted with vines. A further 500 hectares, of which 90 are under vine, are to be found in the United States, at Barboursville Vineyards in Virginia. The estates are located in Italy’s seven finest wine-producing Regions: the Veneto, Friuli, Piedmont, Lombardy, Tuscany, Sicily and Puglia. They are model domaines, bastions of quality and of rural civilization, of notable worth in terms of their landscape and architecture as well as being perfectly integrated into their environment and designed to preserve it: they are oases of tradition that goes hand in hand with innovation and modernity.