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Thumbnail Experiencia de cata de vinos ecológicos en el Domaine La Prade Mari
Beziers, Herault (Languedoc-Rosellón)
30 Minutos
Participantes: Mínimo 1, Máximo 10
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“¡Ven a degustar 6 vinos ecológicos de Languedoc en un entorno encantador en el Domaine La Prade Mari!”

Sobre la bodega y los vinos

The 30-hectare vineyard is planted on a silty-clayey soil, sheltered from the winds on the southern slopes of eroded "mourels".
The Syrah, Mourvèdre, Carignan, Grenache, but also Viognier and Roussanne grapes benefit from optimal conditions offered by a microclimate.
In 1964 Pierre Mari and his son Laurent left Algiers and their farm, the vineyard, the orange grove and the olive trees. Their suitcases were full of know-how and determination, they settled in the hamlet of La Prade and rebuilt a vineyard, the "Domaine La Prade Mari" on land then bordered by olive trees, in the hillsides near the town of Aigne, on a succession of reliefs consisting of rocky ridges covered with scrubland dotted with Aleppo pine and rosemary, separating marly depressions.
Today the grandson Eric extends the family history rooted in the Mediterranean land, in the spirit of his elders.

It is out of respect for his land and love for it that he runs his Estate in Organic Agriculture, complemented by a particular method called Naturo-Culture©.
It is based on the principles of Naturopathy, based on the use of of medicinal plants and essential oils.

"Naturo-Culture©" is a method that brings together several disciplines, whether scientific,medicinal, natural, ancestral, all based on common sense and observation of how nature works.
Based on physics, chemistry, Vincent's bio-electronics and Lothar Meyer's work, we carry out soil analyses in bio-chemistry and bio-electronics; soil health assessments to make a diagnosis of the plot.
This is complemented by an observation of bio-indicator plants at each study site.
Then a whole range of solutions adapted to each individual case are recommended in order to restore the soil's balance as naturally as possible.
It is by rebalancing the soil that the plant manifests fewer diseases by increasing its resistance to pathogens and strengthening its immune defences.
We combine traditional western natural medicine called Naturopathy with the Science of therapeutic and medicinal plants: herbal medicine, phytotherapy and aromatherapy to treat our vines.
The aim of all these approaches is to treat the symptoms with natural methods while going to the source of the profound imbalance, which is solely responsible for the disease
and its manifestations. In this way, the application of the most suitable natural solution becomes effective, long-lasting and inexpensive.
Thus the notion of "field" used in alternative medicine is applied to the notion of agricultural "land". Treating and rebalancing the land thus makes the manifestations of diseases less visible and less important, making it possible to reduce the treatments and corrections required.
In the end, it is the plants that take care of the plants, respecting a virtuous circle.

Our organic wines are divided into 2 whites, a rosé de saignée and 6 reds.

The Viognier is an original single variety, sweet without being syrupy, which sings of the Minervois soil while retaining a slight freshness.
L'Or des Garrigues is a great white wine for tasting, seductive by its floral aromas and marvellously accompanying white fish and seafood.

Rubis des Garrigues is a tasting rosé, with powerful notes and a pleasantly balanced body.

Our red wines are typical of the Minervois region, while benefiting from the very special work of the soil and the vines. The latter is enhanced by a passage in barrels and long vatting periods which bring out the full maturity of each grape variety. The blends reveal surprising and bewitching aromas.
From the cuvée to be savoured simply to accompany everyday life to the great creations, you will find something to complete your cellar and brighten up your meals.
Domaine la Prade Mari offers wines that can be kept for up to 15 years.


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