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Thumbnail Wine tasting at Viúva Gomes in Colares
Colares, Sintra
1 Hour 30 Minutes
Participants: Minimum 1, Maximum 20
From €30.00
“Visit Viúva Gomes and enjoy a tasting of 4 wines hosted by the producer/winemaker on a casual and familiar basis”

About Winery and Wines

At Viúva Gomes we put all our passion in the wines we create. They are an extension of our personality, of our beliefs and personal taste. We believe in genuine wines, linked to their original place and terroir, promoting minimal intervention in the winery.

Today, a project of father and son, 4th and 5th generation, we aim to maintain the traditional Colares' Wines. Nevertheless, we will be creative, seeking and exploring new paths, guaranteeing the sustainability of this singular wine-growing to the most.

Adega Viúva Gomes, established in 1808, is located in Almoçageme, Colares, on a demarcated wine-growing region defined in 1908, characterized by its dunes and sandy soils sited on the coastline of Sintra, between the hills and the Atlantic Ocean, from Cabo da Roca until Magoito.

Colares has been connected to the wine for centuries, there are registers that wine was produced in this region since the Roman Empire. After, in 1230, the King D. Afonso III, as a landlord, demanded the plantation of vines.

The Colares Wine-growing Region became well known by the end of the XIX century, most precisely in 1865, when the biggest threat of wine history arrived to Europe - Phylloxera. This tiny insect, original from the American Continent, was arriving to Europe alive when trips were shortened by the introduction of steam engines in boats. Colares' vineyards were resistant to phylloxera due to roots' deepness in the sand, 8 meters in some cases, where the insect could not reach.

Today everywhere in Europe, except in the sands of this region, the use of the American plant (resistant to the insect) was adopted, grafted with European grape varieties.

Viúva Gomes' wines present a vibrant character due to its specific terroir, dominated by sea storms and southern influence of Sintra's Hills. A temper region, located above the Atlantic Ocean, providing fresh and salty wines, with a light structure and high acidity.