About Winery and Wines

Located in the heart of the Langhe, on the hills of Barolo, the company takes its name from the name, as singular as old of a flap in the hill town of Castellinaldo " Bric Cenciurio " namely: the summit of the hill Cenciurio. Our company was founded in the early nineties by the idea of ​​Franco Pittatore and bag-in-law Charles who decide to join the land of their respective families, extend them with new purchases in the Roero and then make wine grapes they produce. After adverse vicissitudes following the death of Franco to take the reins are Carlo's sister Fiorella and his sons Alessandro and Alberto with the invaluable help of an experienced winemaker who Gianfranco Cordero.

The company has always been committed to reducing the use of synthetic chemicals in the vineyards, keeping alive the good agricultural practices learned from parents and grandparents used, maybe, a few more hard work but with the belief that wine and the grapes are alive products and constantly evolving and that the ecosystem from which go preserved intact. The choice has been to cultivate vines: Nebbiolo, Arneis, Barbera, Dolcetto, FREISA, BRACHETTO ROERO, PINOT NOIR, Chardonnays, CABERNET SAUVIGNON and RIESLING. The company's vineyard area is about 12 hectares distributed in three municipalities: