About Winery and Wines

Barolo. Langhe. Piedmont. Italy. Ernesto, Giacomo and Ferruccio Grimaldi. Three generations that join hands. And whose hands have brought the earth to life. For the love of wine. Day after day in the vineyards, sniffing the wind, savouring the wait, looking into the distance. Backs bent to the land and eyes gazing to infinity. Barolo is the king of wines because it demands the most precious resource of all: time. Ferruccio Grimaldi continues the work of the winery that bears his father’s name: boots on his feet, nose in a glass, hands that tell of a rural, family concern. The finesse of this wine springs from its perfect equilibrium, and the lasting wait. And the beauty of the vista from the winery: the Langhe area and its castles, vineyards and gullies. Man and nature.